Dr Killemoff

Dr Killemoff

  • Franchise:Toxic Crusaders
  • Manufacturer:Playmates
  • Year of launch:1991
  • Size:12 cm (4,5 inch)


This is the list of accessories that carries the figure of Dr Killemoff:

  • White rifle
  • White hand pomegranate
  • Orange backpack
  • Black coat
  • Green belt
  • Green backpack tubes

Curiosities of the figure:

The figure of Bonehead is one of the nine figures released by PLAYMATES in 1991 with the characters of the animated series Toxic Crusaders, there are no known variants of this piece, although its cardboard may be different on the back depending on the country of distribution.


Dr. Killemoff is the main antagonist of the Toxic Crusaders series, hails from the planet Smogula and works for its leader, Tsar Zosta.

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